The teachers of Secondary School No. 3 Piatra Neamt from Romania want to participate in the European educational process as it is our aim to grasp a thorough understanding of the European educational values. This fact comes from a need to adapt to the nowadays pedagogy, didacties and technology. It is imperative to educate our students as European citizens in order to appreciate other cultures and to be proud of their culture. We need to educate our students to preserve and protect local, national and international values. We want to teach our students what it means interculturalism, how to eliminate the segregation tendencies within cultures.


We need to improve our teaching skills, to find new instruments for efficient lessons, to confer a greater practical character to lessons, to optimize student-teachers communication, to stimulate using ICT in the classroom, to provide innovative methods, to promote the lifelong learning.
We just discuss with teacher from other schools, who were implicated in European projects and we discover a lot of possibilities for us.
We think that project it will be a first step for us in European educational field.


Project Erasmus +


The project will offer a real support to participants to develop the following competences: transversal and soft skills, foreign language and digital skills preparing them socio-educationally for the future.
The activities are designed to promote social and civic competences, freedom of speech, cultural awareness and expression, learning to learn, research, enquiry, creativity, innovation, critical thinking, flexibility, self-direction, integrity, leadership and responsibility, positive attitude, empathy, and sociability. All these skills are cornerstones for the personal development of all participants.
Students will practice English in real life situations, will be exposed to different accents and will also improve their vocabulary on specific topics during classes and workshops.
Digital skills will be developed as ICT is used to create the project’s results, during classes, as tools to communicate with the partners and promoting the results, as well as in the dissemination strategy.
The results of the project (lesson plans, power point presentations containing information about each country, values and traditions, videos about Global Warming, scale models as examples of using alternative energy, multimedia posters promoting health and self: Aging Well to Live Longer, e-book “Me and my imaginary world of 2036”, newsletters about the project activities) represent tested tools that assess the competences mentioned above.
Each partner will create lesson plans for Geography, Biology, Physics, IT and English classes. They will be tested before the meetings and during the meetings with mixed nationalities. They will be adjusted and improved according to students’ needs and suggestions and have a design easy to adapt to distinct group of students. The schools will integrated them into the daily practice aiming to internationalise the school curricula. The project’s story “Me and my imaginary world of 2036” will be designed so as it can be used as learning material. The story will raise awareness about current social issues (terrorism, refugees, wars), healthy lifestyles.
The participants will become aware that they are responsible for making the best of what is yet to come. The international cooperation will help creating and strengthening ties between people from 5 European countries developing the pro-active world-oriented European attitudes: Poland, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.